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Baby shower favors and supplies have always been our specialty, but we admit that we don't have all of the answers.  So, we have many articles listed here that may help you in planning your baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, or any event upcoming in your life. It is an important time in your life and we want to give you as much information that we can to make the party great.  Whether it's your sister's baby shower, your best friend's wedding or rehearsal dinner, will continue to find unique and helpful information on party topics.

Baby Shower Ideas
As soon as you decide to throw a baby shower, you begin looking for baby shower ideas. You will find everything you need to create a unique and memorable shower.

Baby Shower Themes
Choosing baby shower themes is one of the first steps in shower planning.

Baby Shower Party
A baby shower party is a special time for a new mother to be. There are as many types of parties as couples.

Baby Shower Gift
Baby shower gifts for new mothers are a traditional part of every baby shower.

Wedding Shower Favors
Wedding shower favors and wedding favors are thoughtful ways to thank guests for attending the shower.

Bridal Shower Favors
Bridal shower favors are traditionally given to the guests at the bridal shower.

African American Baby Shower Favors
There are so many baby shower favors online and at, but unfortunately, ethnic versions of these favors are not always offered.  This article explores how offers African American as well as Hispanic versions of baby shower favors and games.

Baby Shower Balloons
Decorating a party is such a fun part of party planning.  This article shows you how balloons can help your baby shower theme.

Baby Shower Card
Whether you are looking for invitations or cards, you'll read about the importance of ....

Baby Shower Candy Favors
Lots of people like candy, so this is an obvious popular pick for favors, not only for baby showers, but other events too. 

Baby Shower Candy Wrappers
If you like to make favors or do-it-yourself projects, then professionally printed candybar wrappers would be a good project for you. 

Baby Shower Cookies
Decorated baby related shaped sugar cookies not only taste great, but give a great impact on your baby shower guests since they are so adorable.

Baby Shower Bingo Game
There are many games that you can play at your party, and has a lot of choices.  Gift bingo is one of those and other choices are...

Baby Shower Candles
A nice warm glow of a candle can put anyone at ease.  Gifts like candles for your friends and family is a safe choice since most people can use...

Baby Shower Favors
Several choices are available for gift giving to your shower guests.  From candy to cookies to mint tins to candles, you'll find lots of ideas on...

Baby Shower Favors Supplies
Making your own favors?  You'll need to find supplies to create those special gifts. is a great resource website that can put you in...

Baby Shower Games
Not only are games fun at a baby shower, but most people expect to play games at a shower.  And babies are fun!

Baby Shower Gifts
Find the perfect baby shower gift for the mom-to-be.  Suggestions and helpful tips on shopping for a special baby gift.

Baby Shower Greeting Card
There are many types of greeting cards for baby showers online.  Select the one that fits your theme and what the mom-to-be would enjoy.

Baby Shower Hang Tags
Why use personalized hang tags on your favors?  This article shows you how and gives some ideas on the topic.

Baby Shower Help
Sometimes, we all can use a little help.  You'll find some great tips and advice by our baby shower experts who have hosted countless parties. 

Baby Shower Lollipops
From baby feet, to teddy bears, to strollers, you can find almost any baby related shape in suckers for your party.

Baby Shower Party Decorations
Decorating your party is so important to the overall feel of the baby shower.  Not sure how?  Read this article that has tips on how to create a great...

Baby Shower Party Idea
What are your ideas for your baby shower?  The most exciting ones come from those party planners who put thought about the mom and what she would enjoy.

Baby Shower Party Supplies
You'll need to have some supplies for your baby shower such as paper plates, centerpieces, flowers, invitations, favors and many other things.

Baby Shower Picture
Recording the baby shower with photos of this special day will be treasured by the parents-to-be for years.  The baby girl or the baby boy will appreciate seeing the event that celebrated him/her coming into the world.  Read about who to ask, what to take pics of and more...

Baby Shower Seed Favors
Plantable favors are not just eco-friendly, but they are great if you want your friends and family to have a memento of your special day long after the party is over.

Baby Shower Tableware
Paper plates, napkins, cups, and other matching tableware pieces can really help in creating the baby shower "feel" that you are looking to create.

Baby Shower Tea Favors A baby is brewing - and your guests will be able to enjoy a hot tea drink in the winter months or maybe some iced tea favors in the summer.

Party Themes
Do you really need a theme to your party?  That is up to you and the mom-to-be.  Most parties have some kind of theme, even if it is just a color.

Table Decoration Ideas
There are so many ways that you can decorate your tables for the party.  With many centerpiece choices at and simple flowers can help in creating a great table.

Edible Favors
Mints, candy rolls, and muffin mixes are only just a few of the many edible baby shower favors that you'll find online at

Flower Seed Favor Ideas
Choose a flower seed favor that will create a beautiful memento for your guests.  Baby blue eyes, baby's breath, and more...

Personalized favors
By making your baby shower favors personalized, it'll add that extra special something to the party.  The mom-to-be will love it.

Personalized Chocolate Favors
Chocolate is always a welcome gift to give your guests.  Personalize the chocolate and that can make the favor much more special for everyone.

Tea Party Baby Shower Invitation
A lot of mom-to-be's have brunch showers and create the party theme as a tea party.  Many guests haven't been to a tea party since they were kids,
so this fun idea is welcome to all.

Unique Baby Shower Favor
Making sure that your favors are unique can make the overall party feel that much more special and one-of-a-kind.

Unique Baby Shower Favors
Keeping with the same favor everytime you host a baby shower can be boring.  Browse through abcfavors to see what is new and unique to you.

Baby Shower Party Theme
Rubber ducky, baby girl, baby boy and baby animals are always fun party themes for baby showers.  But, simple designs like polka dots and stripes are a trendy and welcome theme.

Eco-friendly Baby Shower
Many people have "gone green" lately, so by introducing's seed and eco-friendly favors to your guests will be much appreciated by all who receive the favors.

Baby Shower Foods and Drinks
What are you going to serve your guests?  Punch, finger foods, pizza?  Take some time and think through your budget and the guests who are coming.

Baby Shower Centerpiece
A nice focal point on your tables is visually appealing and can help tie your theme into the tables.  They can be simple flowers or extravagent pieces.

Mint Tin Favors
It's great to have some mints in your purse when you need them.  Mint tins that are personalized are always a welcome favor for baby showers or any occasion.

Baby Party
Celebrating for your baby is on every mother's list of important events.  Birthday parties and your baby shower are special days that you'll remember for years to come.

Wedding Favors
Giving your guests something when they leave the party is a tradition for weddings.  Favors that are personalized and tie into your wedding theme is the trend.

Bridal Shower Favors
Since your guests took their time to select a gift for you and your intended and attended your bridal shower, it is only right to thank them with a very special bridal shower favor.  There are many to choose at

Engagement Party
Once you are engaged, you want to tell everyone!  What a fun way - having an engagement party has become popular among brides.

Wedding Favors History
Why do we pass out favors at weddings and how did it come to be a part of the tradition?  Read this article for more information

Bridal Shower Checklist
Having a guide with you is great, so we've created a checklist that you will want to review.  There are also many bridal books that you can find that have checklists and more.

Wedding Speech Writing Tips
Print this article off and give to the best man.  He'll appreciate it.

Wedding Planning Mini-Guide
A little help can't hurt, so here is a guide to help you through your planning.

Why Wedding Favors?
Answers to this question are here in our latest article for our brides.

Wedding Invitation Ideas
Thankfully, there have been many brides who have been married before you.  So, that wisdom can be carried on and in this article, we have some wedding invitation ideas that might inspire you.

Baby Shower Party Favors
Baby shower party favors are a fun part of most showers. We have a large selection of practical favors, such as kitchen favors, bookmarks, frames and many other unique ideas.

Baby Shower Themes
Baby shower themes are common in shower planning. A theme makes planning the perfect party easy with decorations, plates, personalized diaper cakes and many other items coordinated around one pattern.

Baby Shower Cakes
Baby shower cakes made out of cloth diapers are an amazing centerpiece for a baby shower and an excellent gift for a baby shower or as a new baby gift.

Baby Shower Gifts
BAt, we have everything you need to plan a memorable baby shower, including a great selection of unique baby shower gifts.

Baby Shower Plates
Baby shower plates are an important part of every baby shower. The guests need to eat from something and plates provide a great accent to the shower decorations.

Baby Shower Napkins
Napkins are useful at every party and we have baby shower napkins in a variety of designs, as well as other tableware to meet all your shower party planning needs.

Baby Shower Cards
Coming up with games and activities to entertain the guests is an important job for any baby shower host. Our baby shower cards make fun and personal games and activities for baby shower guests that will generate plenty of conversation and laughs.

Kids Birthday Party Supplies & Ideas
ABC Favors has a large selection of kids' birthday party supplies and ideas to make party planning easier. Whether you are planning a birthday party for your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild or other special child in your life,

Girls Birthday Party Games
ABC Favors has favors, party supplies, decorations, games and ideas for all types of parties. Whether you are planning a baby shower, first birthday party for your daughter or girls birthday party for any age,

First Birthday Party Ideas
Although every birthday your child celebrates will be special, there is something unique and memorable about the first birthday.

Children Birthday Party
Are you planning a children birthday party? ABC Favors offers birthday party favors for girls and boys and everything else you need to create the party of your child's dreams.