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Verse 1

With teeny hands
And tiny feet
I hope that very soon
We'll meet.
I hope that you
Will stay awhile
And make my mommy
(And daddy) smile.
And although I can't
Be there today
There's something that
I'd like to say,
Thank you for your
Gifts and wishes
And please help mommy
With the dishes.

Baby (First or Last name)

Verse 2

I'd like to say
Though I'm not here yet
Thank you for
The gifts I'll get
And thank you from
My parents, too
For all the gifts
In pink and blue
My closet was empty
My belongings were few
But that's all changed now
Thanks to you!
Baby (First or Last Name)

Verse 3

I'm really glad that you could come
And celebrate with my mother
Sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves
And chat with one another
Sorry I can't be with you
To join in Mommy's shower
But I'm very busy, you see
I'm growing more each hour
Though I'm not there to thank you
For the lovely gifts you've brought
My family is grateful
We appreciate the thought
I'll be arriving shortly
And I'm as happy as can be
So, after I've been home awhile
Please come and visit me!

Baby (First or Last Name)

Verse 4

Thank you for sharing
This special day
I'm sorry I had
To stay away.
But I may be a little longer
'Cause I have to grow
A little more stronger
Thank you for your
Love and wishes
I'd love to shower you
With hugs and kisses

Baby (first or last name)