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Baby Bottle Drinking Contest
Everyone gets a disposable baby bottle and the same amount of juice or water inside and who ever drinks it the fastest wins.  This is also a great co-ed party game - have the guys try to drink beer, juice or water from the baby bottle.  It's hilarious!

 Poopy-diaper game
There are many sites out there that are selling this as a "kit", but you can make it yourself very inexpensively.  You take felt and cut it in to little squares then fold them triangular into little diapers using hot glue to hold into place. I bought little plastic safety, pins, bottles and ect. and glued them to the front of the diapers for a little decoration. In one of the diapers put  a little smudge of peanut butter (don't forget about peanut allergies - try using a non-allergen food) for poop. Hand them to guests as they arrive and let them pin them on their shirts. The guest that gets the poopy diaper wins a prize.
Size of The Mom-To-Be's Waist Guessing Game
Using either toilet paper of abcfavors tummy garland, ask each guest to cut one string of paper to the size that they think the mom's waist size is.  It's actually pretty difficult to do.  After everyone has their piece of paper or string, then have the mom try each one "on" around her waist.  The guest who is closest to the correct size, is the winner. 
Baby food guessing game
Buy a bunch of different kinds of baby food and either pass the jars around or place each type of food on paper plates for each guest.  Make sure that you number the baby food if you place it on the plate so that you know which number corresponds to each type of food.  The baby shower guest who guesses the correct foods - wins.