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Fun Games For Men To Play At A Baby Shower
If you are looking for some fun games for your co-ed baby shower here are a few ideas:
Baby Bottle Toss:
Take ten baby bottles and place the bottles into a small box.  Have your guests take turns tossing or dropping a small super ball into the bottles.  Put different point values on the each bottle and add up the total that each guest scores.  The men at the party will love it and have any laughs while trying to get the balls into the bottles.

Guess the size of the mom-to-be's (or dad-to-be's) belly:
Have each guest guess how big around the belly the mom-to-be's belly is.  Have each guest write down their guess when they arrive at the party.  Once everyone is at the party have the mom-to-be measured and let everyone know the result.  It will be fun to see the different guesses from each of the guests and especially the differences between the men and women at your shower.  My experience is that the men are often way to high or way to low.  Or, another fun twist on this game is to guess the size of the DAD'S waist size, since a lot of husband's gain weight while their wife is pregnant.  This would bring a lot of laughs to the baby shower.

Any Scatch-off or Raffle Ticket Game:
These are always a hit with both the men and women at a baby shower.  This is a fun game of chance that gives everyone at the shower an equal chance to win.

Baby Bottle Drinking Game
Guys like to play "drinking games", but this can be done with either beer, water, juice or really any kind of drink - it doesn't have to be alcohol.  Fill baby bottles and have the guys race to finish their baby bottle.  It is harder than you think, especially if the bottle is for a newborn since the hole at the top is really, really small. 
These are just a few of the fun games that both men and women will love to play at your baby shower.  The game ideas are only limited to your imagination.  There are many online baby shower stores that offer these fun games and offer ideas on many more fun games.