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Big Brother and Big Sister Baby Showers
A baby shower is a big celebration for the expectant parents and grandparents.  If this is not the first child in the family it is also for an older sibling.
It is fun to include the older sibling in the shower if the child is old enough.  It is a great way to get the child excited about the arrival of a little brother or little sister.  Keep in mind that there needs to be activities that include the older sibling and some foods that they will enjoy.  The older sibling will feel great and see how exciting it will be to have the addition to their family.  This is a time of many questions for the brother or sister-to-be and many of their questions will be answered by having them take part in the baby shower. 

Let them take part in the planning of your baby shower.  They can help you with decorating, making cookies or cupcakes and treats, and planning the games.  Kids love parties, so this baby shower will be an extra-special day for the big brother or big sister.  Buy a "big sis" t-shirt or a "big brother" baseball cap for son or daughter to wear at the party.  They'll feel like a part of the party.  Depending on the age of your son or daughter, you may want to bring paper and crayons, a new toy or handheld toys for the older child.  The "mingling" part of the party usually isn't very fun for them and having an activity will help.

Have the big brother or big sister sit next to you during the unwrapping of the gifts.  He/she can read the card out loud and even help in unwrapping the gifts.  Presents are fun - let them help in this part of the party.
What a great family experience you will create by having the older brother or sister at your baby shower.  As your family grows, you will grow closer.