Party Planning Tips for the Holidays

Party Planning Tips for the Holidays />

The time is upon us, the holidays. Yes, we can already smell the turkey cooking! The malls are decked out in holiday sales and decorations. Soon, many of your will be hosting a gathering with family and close friends. Party planning is key to the success of any party. Here are some things that you will want to take into consideration before all the guests arrive:

  • Do you have space in your home for out of town guests? Will all your guests be staying overnight or will some stay in a hotel? If your guests assume they will stay with you, do you have the space to house everyone comfortably? Once your guests travel in from out of town, they will want somewhere to relax and unwind. Be sure that you have the proper arrangements set for any out of towners.
  • Plan your meals out ahead of time. This will ensure that you have all the ingredients, pots, and pans required to complete your tasty holiday dishes.
  • Decorate! This is the fun part! Decorate your home per the holiday that you are in. If it is Thanksgiving, then Fall colors are appropriate such as rust, brown, dark yellows, and red. For Christmas or Hanukah, the colors and decorations should reflect those holidays. String sparkly lights outside and inside. Add spice and cinnamon potpourri to create a warm, inviting scent. And any other types of decorations that you have on hand, can make, or want to buy. Definitely, decorate the dinner table for the feast. Have fun with this!
  • What will you do in your “down” time? If you have overnight guests, have a card or board game available, maybe drive around and look at holiday lights, or go see a holiday movie together.
  • Do send out holiday party invitations for a larger event. If this is for grandma, grandpa, a couple aunts and your mom, then there really isn’t the need to send out invites. But, if you are party planning for a neighborhood holiday bash, then you do need to send out invitations well ahead of time.
  • Even though you have the stress on you, keep your mood upbeat and light. Guests always feel more comfortable when the host is happy and relaxed. Be social and introduce people who do not know each other.
  • Create a fun playlist that has jolly holiday music for the fun times and nice relaxing holiday tunes for dinner time. This sets the mood nicely.
  • Party planning a great holiday dinner involves taking out the stops. Break out the good china for this day. That is why we have good china, isn’t it? Set the table properly (look online for how-to guides).
  • Give your guests little party favors. Everyone loves taking something home that reminds them of your fun party.

The holidays are fun, and yes can be stressful. But, if you do some party planning prior to the big day, you are sure to pull off a great time for everyone. has Thanksgiving and Christmas chocolate bar wrappers that are a great party favor to give guests this holiday season. Enjoy and have fun!