About Us

When ABCFavors.com started back in 2000, there weren't many other websites focused on baby shower favors that can be actually used by their guests. We were one of the originators of the "give them something they can use" concept, which has proven to be something that everyone appreciated. That is why we offer tea favors, seed favors, personalized bookmarks, and many other baby shower favors that your guests can use after the party is over. We didn't want to offer items that would just be thrown into a drawer, forgotten about and/or thrown away. We also decided, back during the recession, to offer items that you can make yourself. By providing personalized wrappers and labels, you could create something special for your party guests.

Our main objective is to create new and affordable party favors for baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, birthdays and other life events that will enhance your guest's experience for the event. Couples sometimes only have one child, so their baby shower should be a very special day. Focused on the mom-to-be and sometimes the father-to-be participates. It's become a time for families to come together to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new family member. And how exciting that is! We're thankful to have been able to help thousands of new parents' baby showers be the special and wonderful day it should be. Thank you for visiting us and please stay and browse around at the many exclusive items that are only offered here at ABCFavors.com.